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  • Jilda Hacikoglu

Solarium Coaching

Almost sceptic

I only learnt it the same evening. According to the news it was thursday (?).


Yet that was the sun being eclipsed !

Admittedly in France, the occultation was hardly of 18% at its maximum (by the Bretons, at Brest).

With this level of shade, it's difficult for the naked eye to see the difference : occulting the sun so little isn't enough to notably reduce its effect.

It's like some other things in our lives : occulting them up to 20% doesn't affect their beautiful supremacy.

I bet some things quickly pop up in your mind while reading those lines.

Then thinking one instant longer, some others may arrive. More discrete.

Our journey also contains more muffled suns and just as radiant. Impacting your mood.

Only by thinking back on it. ☀️

So here is my coach & writer question : what are those tenacious suns in your life ?

Looking forward to discover your answers, or to begin a confidence boost coaching with them.

A special session possible event without aiming something in particular. Inspired by narrative practices, this coaching is here for bucking you up. Then you'll receive a unique written composition of mine, about this treasure in you. According to the last news : 💯 % of happy recipients !

A tangible trace of your 'invincible summer in the middle of winter' (as A. Camus named it). ☀️


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